About us

What is this?

There’s always that person at a party that is trying way too hard. Well, Twitter is a party and those people are here, too. Actually, it could be you.

Tweeting Too Hard is the place to submit, vote on, and chuckle self-righteously at tweets that are just too much. Self-importance, pretense, braggadocio—it’s all here and it’s laid bare for the scoffing.
We all know someone who is due for a good-natured tweet-roast. So get to it. Click the big green submit button and make the world a better place.

Our Mantra

We acknowledge the twivial nature of ourselves and of the Twitterverse. We pay our dues to the twansience of our thoughts and our existence. And we do not twolerate egotism or pretense. Think before you tweet. Welcome to TTH.

Where might I have seen you?

We get around.