funny casino tweets that will make your day

Funny Casino Tweets That Will Make Your Day

Gambling is primarily about winning big. We all want that big hit even when the stakes aren’t that high. But, when you think about it, it’s not all about money. The feeling that we get while waiting for it to come or when it finally lands is often much more memorable than the money itself.

In fact, even losing a bit of money doesn’t have to be all that bad if we have fun in the process. As long as you stick to your limits and spend what you can afford for the entertainment, it’s a fair tradeoff.

The few select tweets about casinos and gambling prove this point. Sometimes you can get more excited about winning $100 than $1,000. It’s more about the journey that led you to that top than the top itself.

Dealing with Gambling Cravings

my husband is missing the casino tweet

We live in difficult times and we have to do without many of our habits. Gambling is one of them, especially in the live setting. You won’t find many brick and mortar casinos accepting players these days so this caring man took it upon himself to find a solution to tame his husband’s cravings.

I guess he’s gotten the gist of it but it’s just not the same if you don’t actually have an option to win as well. Most of us know that gambling is a ‘sucker’s game’ as only the house wins in the end. But they don’t win every time, you know.

He’s not Wrong, You Know – When Gambling Will End

when gambling will end tweet

Men, women, rich, poor, old, and young – you’ll find people who enjoy an occasional gamble across all groups of society. Sometimes you can explain it away by the desire to win more money and afford things you couldn’t otherwise but that’s not always the case. In fact there are many people who aren’t missing a single material thing in life but still continue to gamble regularly.

When you strip it down to the basics, it’s not about the money. Money is just the way of keeping score but the fact of the matter is, humans love to bet on stuff. Longer the odds, better the feeling when your bet actually comes in. It’s strange but it’s just how we’re wired.

Nothing to do at home, just gamble!

6takarakuji tweet

6Takarakuji, one of Japans biggest online casino guides wrote: 家で何をしたらいいのか分からずモヤモヤしてるそこの貴方。6TAKARAKUJIチェックの時間ですよ!どのページから読めばいいかって?( *´ノд`)コショショ{まずは、カジ旅(かじたび)のレビュー読んでみて!!

Which translates to: You who are confused without knowing what to do at home. It’s 6TAKARAKUJI check time! Which page should I read from? First, read the review of Kajitabi !!


And That Explains All the Toilet Paper Hording – Slot Machine made of toilet paper

Not everyone has a caring partner nearby to generously offer to create a real casino atmosphere for a few hundred bucks. Some have to make do on their own using whatever tools they have handy. And if there’s one thing rolling about in excess in almost every household it’s the toilet paper.

We must give credit where credit’s due. This guy managed to build a fully functional fruity machine out of some toilet paper rolls and cardboard boxes. I mean, sure, it could be more elegant and all, but it does the job. He even got it to pay coins when he lands a winning line. That’s what I call a true passion for the slots!